Y Media Winter Internship

Y Media is a boutique content marketing company based in New Zealand with clients and contractors from three continents across different industries.

This year, Y Media started the virtual internship program to provide relevant remote working experiences for candidates to gain invaluable professional experience in this fast-changing world.

This is a flexible opportunity to fit the candidate's schedule. Whether you're a prospective or current university student, recent graduate, or professional looking to adapt to remote working or digital nomads way of living, this virtual internship could offer the perfect next step.

What you can expect?

When you start: You’ll start with agreeable time based on our mutual scheduelus. Your program will vary based on the projects where you choose to work. Explore the project choices below to find out more.

Throughout the program: I’ll provide loads of learning and support to help you make the most of the experience. There will be a tailored 1:1 conversation session every month to help you build and strengthen your personal and professional career development.

The day to day: You’ll arrange your time volunteerly and deliver the project meet the standard and expect to have a plenty of opportunities to learn from great thinkers across the internet and build your networks accordingly.

Project Choices

Logo/Infographics designTranslating articles related to web3 and metaverseOrganize and participate in eventsPodcast guests researchYouTube channel management

Basic/Preferred Qualifications

Intensive curiosity with a high-agency personalityPassion for technology, arts, history, philosophy and other interesting subjectsSelf-motivated to work proactively on tasksIdeally to have content creation backgroundsFluent in English both verbally and writtenFamiliar with my content (Chiwi Journal Newsletter/Podcast)

Next Step

Fill the below form with the projects you'd like to take participate and set up your interview time here

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Thank You

Message received! I'll see you at the interview!